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Employment Tribunal - Parish Council Revised StatementEmployment Tribunal - Parish Council Revised StatementThe Parish Council resolved at its meeting on 11th June 2020, having received the full Written Reasons for the judgement from the Court, to issue a revised statement to explain the course of events from the resignation of the previous clerk to the Council on 14th May 2018 to the Employment Tribunal which took place between 16th and 18th March 2020, together with a breakdown of the Tribunal judgement, the award and a copy of the Written Reasons. The information can be found by clicking on the above heading.
SIPC Annual Return 2019-20SIPC Annual Return 2019-20Please click on the above heading to access the documents related to the Parish Council's Annual Return for 2019 - 2020
SIPC Website AccessibilitySIPC Website AccessibilityPlease click on the above title to access further details.
River Rother & Changes at Stedham MillRiver Rother & Changes at Stedham MillPlease click on the above heading for further information
Traffic & ParkingTraffic & ParkingThe Parish Council receives a lot of enquiries and complaints about the state of the roads, speeding traffic and selfish or even dangerous parking. The Council has no jurisdiction in these areas but is in regular contact with those that have, so has collected together a number of documents which provide information and guidance on how to report traffic problems effectively.
Please click on the above heading for more detail.

Volunteer to be a School GovernorVolunteer to be a School GovernorStedham Primary School is asking for volunteers to become a School Governor. The School would love to hear from you, please click on the above heading for more detail.
Thank you.

River Rother Water levelsRiver Rother Water levelsThe Environment Agency has issued two reports: (1) River Rother Structures Assessment Report & (2) Technical Note - Fluvial Audit at Stedham Mill. Please click on the above heading for more details and links to both reports.
Parish Council Annual Return 2021 - 2022Parish Council Annual Return 2021 - 2022Please click on the above heading to access the documents related to the Parish Council's unaudited Annual Return for the year 2021-2022 including the Notice of Public Rights, which explains how the accounts may be viewed, a copy of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) form and a summary of the accounts. These documents can also be found on the Finance tab above, about half way down the page.
Annual Parish Meeting - 22nd SeptemberAnnual Parish Meeting - 22nd SeptemberThe Annual Parish Meeting(APM) is a statutory meeting that should normally be held between March and June. The APM for 2020 was cancelled because of Covid, the APM for 2021 was held as soon as possible after the Covid restrictions had ended on 23rd November. The next APM will take place on Thursday 22nd September starting at 7:00pm in the Stedham Memorial Hall. Please click on the above heading for further information.


Planning agenda 25.7.18Planning agenda 25.7.18
20200708 - AED Training20200708 - AED Training
20210409 Duke of Edinburgh20210409 Duke of Edinburgh
20220126 Parish Events - Agenda20220126 Parish Events - Agenda