Winter Action Plan

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Winter Management Plan 2017/2018


This plan is designed to provide a basic co-ordinated approach to ensure access, emergency response and the safety of those residents who are at risk in the event of Stedham with Iping being directly or indirectly affected by bad weather. This plan has been put together in conjunction with West Sussex County Council Highways Department.


Key Risks and local hazards

Stedham with Iping parish runs from Ingrams Green and Minsted in the south and through the Rother Valley up to Stubbs Hill and Tote Hill in the north.   Stedham village itself is bounded on the south side by the A272 and to the north and east by the river Rother.   Iping straddles the Rother from the A272 up to Stubbs Hill.   The parish is hilly and heavily wooded and has an expanse of farmland. 

The population is centred primarily on the village of Stedham and the hamlets of Iping, Minsted, Ingrams Green and Stanwater.

In times of extreme weather conditions the disruption and risks to the inhabitants are from:

  • Hazardous road conditions and restricted access as a result of:
    • Snow bound, icy roads (all roads)
    • Steep icy hills (Iping Lane, Bridgefoot, Minsted Lane)
    • Fallen trees (all roads)
    • Fallen power & telecom cables
    • Flooding
  • Power failures as a result of:
    • High winds
    • Snow damage
    • Fallen Trees
    • Flooding
  • Telecoms disruption (Land line & cellular)
    • Fallen Trees
    • Lightning strikes
    • Flooding
  • Risk to the frail and elderly as a result of any of the above and/or persistent cold conditions


Local Resources

Being a rural community with local agricultural, forestry and contractor skills, machinery and equipment Stedham is well placed to deal with environmentally related emergency.


Emergency Response

Grit bins to be filled at:

 1.  Ash House Stedham GU29 0PX

2.   Common View, on grass verge next to garage block opposite no 100 Common View GU29 0NU

3.   Common View at junction near flats

4.   Opposite New Cottages Iping Lane GU29 0PE

5.  In barn of The Cottage, Stubb Hill Farm GU29 0PQ 

6.  Near junction of Ingrams Green Lane and Elsted Road (area code GU29 0LJ)


Snow and Ice

In the event of predicted heavy and prolonged snow fall or freezing / icy conditions salt hippo bags to be delivered to

                      ACS Ltd Buddington Farm Midhurst GU29 0QP

They will clear snow and grit when required:

A272 lay-by from The Street to industrial site for school ‘walking bus’

School Lane

The Street:  A272 to Bridgefoot

Iping Lane:  A272 to Iping Bridge

This will be on a 2 hour response.

Fallen Trees

Some of the parish roads are edged by trees.   In freak wind or heavy snow conditions trees are frequently brought down causing blockages to roads and on occasions pulling down overhead power and telecom lines. A notice is displayed on the SIPC website and on parish notice boards so that the emergency committee can be contacted.    Once notified of a fallen tree an appropriately qualified and experienced person will be contacted to assess the hazards and to clear the obstruction as necessary.

In the event of a fallen tree being complicated with power or telecom lines, the appropriate supplier will be contacted to ensure any risk is managed before the tree is cleared.  

Where a tree is blocking a main road the WSCC highways department will be contacted.

Risk to the Frail and Elderly

Stedham with Iping has a significant population of elderly people who live both within the village centre and beyond in the more remote hamlets. This groups will be particularly sensitive and at risk during prolonged or extreme weather conditions.

We have set up volunteers who are responsible for about 10 houses which will ensure that people throughout the parish are supported during extreme weather conditions. This will continue with the added support of communication, contact details and reminders through the SIPC website and notice boards.


Contact Details: Emergency Committee:

           Rowland Page                                                                     01730 816184 / 07818 434 286

           Nigel Funnell                                                                        01730 810502 / 07810 883 812

           Matt Harridge                                                                       01730 859135 / 07903 034 719

           Chris Morgan                                                                       01730 813791 / 07736 818 072          

           Colin Moseley                                                                      01730 813251 / 07850 773 428

           John Spandley                                                                     01730 816930


SIPC clerk:

SIPC website:

Police, fire, ambulance   Tel:  999

Environment Agency:  0800 807 060


Utility Suppliers

  • Southern Water 0800 820 999
  • Southern Electric  Dial 105 for information
  • BT From a landline: 0800 800 150 From a mobile: 0330 123 4151
  • Southern Gas, 0800 111 999


WSCC Highways Dept