Council Properties

The Recreation Ground is owned by the parish council.  It is a registered common and village green.  It is also a registered charity and the members of the parish council are trustees.

The allotment site at Common View is rented by SIPC from WSCC.

The Common View play area is rented by SIPC from WSCC.

Stedham telephone box, used as a visitor information centre.

Iping telephone box, usage to be decided.


Useful Information

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution - Advice and information regarding disruption to power supply

National power cut phone line105

West Sussex CC

WSCC deal with extreme weather - flooding, snow & ice, heatwave, winds, gales & storms.  See also SIPC Winter Action Plan.

At Risk - Parishioners in this scheme have been given a yellow card with the name and telephone number of their own volunteer to contact.   If the card is mislaid please contact the Clerk or Colin Moseley who can tell them who their At Risk volunteer is.  


Emergency Telephone Numbers

Ambulance, fire and police 999 or 112
Electricity (SSE) 0800 727 282
Gas 0800 111 999
Water 0800 820 999
Environment Agency 0800 807 060
BT 0800 800 150
Riverbank Medical Centre 812121
NHS emergency & urgent care services 111
West Sussex CC 01243 777 100
Chichester DC 01243 785 166
SIPC Emergency Officer - Colin Moseley  07850 773 428



If you would like to see any other information on this page please contact the clerk with your request.