SIPC meetings

Parish Council Meetings

Ordinary meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month (excluding August) in the Memorial Hall, Stedham, normally starting at 7.00 pm.

Meetings are open to the press and public. Members of the public are free to raise any issues of concern at agenda item 'Members of the Public'.

Parish Council agendas and notices will be displayed on the parish council notice boards and on the website.

Please note that this page shows documents for the previous and current Parish Council terms, 2015-2019 and 2019-2023 respectively.  Earlier documents are available in the Archive.


Schedule of upcoming Parish Council meetings

The next SIPC Ordinary Meeting will be on Thursday 13th June 2024  in the Stedham Memorial Hall starting at 7:00pm.  The Agenda can be downloaded to your device by clicking here. Members of the public are welcome.  If you have any queries about attending the meeting please contact the Clerk ( for details. 

Ordinary meetings of the Parish Council are planned for the second Thursday of each month excluding August

The next Annual Parish Meeting was on 29th May in the Stedham Memorial Hall. Further Information regarding the Annual Parish Meetings can be found by clicking here.

Parish Council Minutes

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May 9th 2024

May 9th 2024 - Annual Parish Council Meeting

April 11th 2024

March 14th 2024

February 8th 2024

January 11th 2024

December 14th 2023

November 9th 2023

October 12th 2023

September 14th 2023

August 3rd 2023 - Planning & Extraordinary

July 13th 2023

June 8th 2023

May 11th 2023

May 11th 2023 Annual PC Meeting

April 13th 2023

March 9th 2023

February 9th 2023

January 12th 2023

December 8th 2022

November 10th 2022

October 13th 2022

September 16th 2022 - Extraordinary Meeting

September 8th 2022

August 1st 2022 - Extraordinary Meeting

July 14th 2022

June 9th 2022

May 12th 2022

May 12th 2022 - Annual Council Meeting

April 14th 2022

March 10th 2022

February 10th 2022

January 13th 2022

December 9th 2021

November 11th 2021

October 14th 2021

September 9th 2021

August 12th 2021

Please note this meeting had to be cancelled as there were insufficient Councillors available to provide a quorum.

July 8th 2021

June 10th 2021

May 6th 2021 (Remote Video Conference)

May 6th 2021 - Annual Council Meeting - (Remote Video Conference)

April 8th 2021 (Remote Video Conference)


March 11th 2021 (Remote Video Conference)

February 11th 2021 (Remote Video Conference)

January 7th 2021 (Remote Video Conference)

December 10th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

November 12th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

October 19th 2020 Extraordinary (Remote Video Conference)

October 8th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

September 10th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

August 8th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

July 9th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

June 11th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

May 20th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

March 26th 2020 (Remote Video Conference)

February 13th 2020

February 3rd 2020 - SIPC Extraordinary

January 27th 2020 - SIPC Extraordinary

January 9th 2020

December 5th 2019

November 14th 2019

October 21st 2019 - Extraordinary Meeting

October 10th 2019

September 12th 2019

August 8th 2019

July 11th 2019

June 18th 2019

May 28th 2019 - Extraordinary Meeting

May 15th 2019

First meeting of Parish Council at start of new 4 year term

May 15th 2019

Annual Parish Council Meeting - Minutes Final

March 13th 2019

March 6th 2019 - Extraordinary Meeting

February 26th 2019 - Extraordinary Meeting

January 16th 2019

December 4th 2018

November 21st 2018

November 19th 2018

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May 2018 Annual Meeting
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